Social Studies

 Atlas of Historical Geography of the United States

Introduction & Chapter 2

Excel DocumentNorth American Tribe Location Map
PDF DocumentAmerica's First Democracy
PDF DocumentNative American Homes of North America
PDF DocumentChapter 2 Atlas - The Long Journey to the Americas
Word DocumentChapter 2 Study Guide
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 2 Study Guide Answers

Chapter 3 & 4 - Explorations and Encounters

Powerpoint DocumentChapter 3, Lesson 1 & 2 Notes
Word DocumentChapter 3, Lesson 1 & 2 Review
Powerpoint DocumentLatitude and Longitude Notes
PDF DocumentLatitude and Longitude Finder
Word DocumentLatitude and Longitude #1
Word DocumentLatitude and Longitude #2
Video DocumentVideo - Early Explorers
Word DocumentChapter 3 & 4 Study Guide
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 3 & 4 Study Guide Answers

Chapter 5 - Europeans Settle Throughout North America

Word DocumentChapter 5, Lesson 1 & 2 Spanish and French Review
Word DocumentChapter 5, Lesson 3 English Review
Word DocumentChapter 5 Study Guide
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 5 Study Guide Answers

World Hunger Simulation

Powerpoint DocumentRemember Me Presentation
External Link    Miniature Earth

Chapter 6 - People of the British Colonies

PDF Document13 Colonies Map - Study Guide for Quiz
Video DocumentVideo - Plantations and Slavery
Video DocumentVideo - The 13 Colonies
Word DocumentChapter 6 Study Guide
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 6 Study Guide Answers
Word Document13 Colonies  Research Project (powerpoint)
Word Document13 Colonies  Research Rubric (powerpoint)

West African History

External Link    West African History

Chapter 7 - Differences Divide Britain

Powerpoint DocumentChapter 7, Lesson 1 Notes
Video DocumentVideo -French and Indian War
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 7, Lesson 2 Notes
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 7, Lesson 3 Notes
Word DocumentChapter 7 Study Guide
PDF DocumentDifferences Divide the Colonies
PDF DocumentChapter 7 Atlas - The French and Indian War
Video DocumentVideo - Events Leading to the American Revolution
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 7 Study Guide Answers

Chapter 8 - The War for Independence

Powerpoint DocumentBritish Army/Continental Army Notes
PDF DocumentHow to Read a Political Cartoon
PDF DocumentChapter 8 Atlas - Patriots Fight the Revolutionary War
PDF DocumentChapter 8 Atlas - A New Nation
PDF DocumentThe War for Independence
Word DocumentChapter 8 Study Guide
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 8 Study Guide Answers

Chapter 9 - The Constitution

Powerpoint DocumentChapter 9, Lesson 1 Notes
PDF DocumentWho Has the Power?
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 9, Lesson 3 Notes
tiff-iconWho is Responsible Checklist
PDF DocumentWho is Responsible Venn Diagram
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 9, Lesson 4 Notes
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 9 Jeopardy
Word DocumentChapter 9 Study Guide
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 9 Study Guide Answers

Chapter 10 - A New Government Begins

PDF DocumentCounting the Amendments
Powerpoint DocumentBill of Rights Notes
Word DocumentChapter 10 Study Guide
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 10 Study Guide Answers

Chapter 11 - On the Move

Video DocumentVideo - Westward Expansion
Word DocumentChapter 11 Study Guide
Powerpoint DocumentChapter 11 Study Guide Answers