Welcome to Kingsley Schools

We take great pride in creating a supportive and educational environment that offers world-class education and unmatched extra-curricular activities.

Kingsley Area Schools is a class B school district with approximately 1,500 students. We are located 12 miles south of Traverse City in Grand Traverse County. In addition to our excellent academics, we are proud to offer a diverse curriculum complete with extensive extracurricular opportunities. Kingsley's band, choir, and jazz band programs consistently receive top honors at state festivals. Our athletic programs provide opportunities for students to be successful and, for the most part, participate in any sport of their choosing.

Kingsley Elementary

402 Fenton Street
Kingsley,, MI 49649
Phone: (231) 263-5261
Fax: (231) 263-3813
Kristin Goethals

Kingsley High School

7475 Kingsley Road
Kingsley, MI 49649
Phone: (231) 263-5262
Fax: (231) 263-2630
Mike Moran

Kingsley Middle School

403 Blair Street
Kingsley, MI 49649
Phone: (231) 263-5261
Fax: (231) 263-4623
MS Principal