Rules and Regulations

Groups granted permission to use or rent Kingsley Area School grounds and/or facilities shall conduct their functions in accordance with these rules and regulations as established by the Kingsley Area Schools Board of Education.

a.       All applications for the use of school premises shall be referred to the superintendent of schools or the superintendent’s designee.

b.      Requests for the use of buildings must be made at least one month prior of the date on which the facility will be used except as outlined.  Cancellation of this request must be made not less than twenty-four hours prior to the commitment.  Requesting party will be held responsible for all charges if the cancellation notice is not received at least twenty-four hours in advance.

c.       In event of conflict on dates, all school functions shall be given priority.

d.       All requesting parties will be issued specific rooms in buildings.  It shall be the responsibility of the organization representative to see that the remainder of the building is not entered.

e.       Only Kingsley Area School clubs and Kingsley Area School District organizations shall be permitted to give dances or parties for profit-making purposes.

f.       Police protection shall be provided by the sponsoring organization when deemed advisable by school authorities or the sponsoring agency.

g.       Rental and fees shall be paid to Kingsley Area Schools at least twenty-four hours prior to the use of facilities.

h.      Rental rates cover only the facilities listed.  There will be an extra charge for additional facilities requested after the reservation.  For example: rental of a gymnasium does not include adjacent classroom, equipment from other rooms, etc.  Rental of any part of a building does include the use of restroom facilities.

i.        The Kingsley Area Schools Board of Education reserves the right to alter rental fees as necessary for weekend use of the school facilities since opening the buildings on weekends results in increased costs.

j.        When school kitchens are used for preparation of meals, the head cook or other designated school personnel must be present and assume general supervision of school equipment.  The fee for this service must be paid by the user according to the established rates.

k.      The requesting party agrees to assume responsibility for all liabilities arising incident to the use of building or property of the Kingsley Area Schools, it being understood that Kingsley Area School assumes no obligation respecting the use of such premises.

l.        Special equipment such as projectors, spot lights, public address systems, etc., may by available.  The use of such equipment requires a school operator and an additional fee may be added to cover the cost to the district for the personnel required.

m.    Smoking within the building is prohibited

n.      No intoxicating beverage nor narcotic drug or other controlled substance shall be permitted on the school grounds or in the buildings.

o.      Any individual under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drug or other controlled substance shall not be permitted on the school grounds.

p.      All property destroyed or damaged shall be replaced or repaired at the expense of the organization.  Damages shall be paid by the group using or renting the premises upon receipt of an invoice for the same.

q.      Willful destruction of school property shall be cause for refusal of future use of school facilities.

r.        Violation of any of the foregoing regulations shall be cause for refusal of future use of school facilities.