Arrangements for Renting Facilities

1.      Contact the building principal at the facility requested for use at least one month prior to event.  (Required             for situations when custodial and service personnel will be required to work beyond their regular                           schedules.) 
     A. School sponsored sports, clubs, and special events will always be given first priority in scheduling. 
     B. The rental of facilities for the purpose of youth activities will be allowed on school nights only when the                  events will conclude by 8:30 p.m. 
     C. Secure and complete necessary application forms and submit to building principal who will then get final                approval from the superintendent of schools or the superintendent’s designee.

2.      Requests from groups based outside of the geographic area of the Kingsley Area School District (including           situations where a local group will be bringing in guests, such as with a tournament) must be received well           enough in advance by the building principal so the event can receive approval from the Kingsley Area                   Schools Board of Education or designated representative.