Facility Rental/Usage

Thank you for your interest in using Kingsley Area Schools facilities. As we continue to improve the functionality of the website and increase your ability to see what facilities are available, we have switched over to utilizing School Dude. School Dude offers a community portal that allows viewing available space as well as submitting your request. Once submitted it will be routed to the appropriate person for approval. Please allow a minimum of one week for this approval process. 

If you are interested in using or renting space please e-mail the Facilities Director using the information on the left.


General Policies



  • The school grounds, buildings and facilities were purchased or created for the purpose of the educational training of the youth of Kingsley Area School District.  The use of such grounds, buildings, and facilities for these purposes shall take priority over any and all other uses.
  • The school grounds, buildings, and facilities may be available to any responsible organization, or a group of at least seven citizens for educational and recreational purpose as prescribed by Kingsley Area Schools Board of Education policies.
  • Groups and organizations requesting the use of the school grounds or buildings shall certify to the board that such use shall be non-exclusive and open to the general public. 
  • Fees and service charges shall be paid at least 24 hours in advance in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by the board.