Students of the Month

Congratulations to our students of the month! Students were selected by their teachers to represent their grade as student of the month. They are hard workers, consistently make good choices, show kindness to others, respect other classmates and their differences, and are all around GREAT kids! Congratulations!


Mason Mazur, 5th grade

Sawyer Musser, 6th grade

Cierra Oakley, 7th grade

Mikayla Tyson, 8th grade


Avery Schichtel, 5th grade

Riley Inthisone, 6th grade

Kaden Patterson, 7th grade


Matthew Klabunde, 5th grade

Ellie Bies, 6th grade

Hannah Raschi, 7th grade

Nick Orth, 8th grade


Kelsey Saxton, 5th grade

Kelsey Bott, 6th grade

Landon Root, 7th grade

Alisyn Sample, 8th grade


Max Goethals, 5th grade

Cheyenne Garno, 6th grade

Cylie Jones, 7th grade

Payton Gallo, 8th grade