There are a variety of resources available for you and your child.  On this page you will find field trip information, special events, and links to outside webpages.  


The Fourth Grade Curriculum has been aligned to the National Common Core State Standards.  Click here  to learn more about the Common Core.


Students also have the ability to experience some questions similar to the M-STEP test that we will be taking in April by going to Sample Item Sets (Click Here) then Click on Sample Items Set then Grade 4 and lastly either Mathematics or English Language Arts .


 Students and parents have the ability to see what 4th grade children need to learn in math this year.  They can also see sample questions that 4th graders should be able to answer at

  Upcoming Events...

Trip on the Inland Seas-Schoolship Program (Departure at approximately 7:30 a.m.)

Selby June 2nd

Alford, Trowbridge June 3rd 

  Roundtree June 8th

Trip to the Northport Lighthouse

  (All Classes)  June 4th 


Online Resources 
Math                           Science  Social Studies  Reading/Writing  Spelling  Other Cool Stuff 
 Cool Math 4 Kids  Water Cycle Song Flash Earth  Scholastic News  Spelling City  Great Learning Songs
 Print Worksheets     Wordle    Kids Spell Learning Games  
 Kids Math Games       Super Fun Spelling Bee Fun Brain  



Scholastic Book Orders  

Book orders are a great way to build your child's library as well as the classroom library.  When you order online your child gets a free book and so does their classroom! Classroom teachers online code is listed below.

 Ms. Alford HHGJM

 Mrs. Bell HYBCW

 Mr. Rountree GXF7V

 Mr. Selby HQ2LL

 Mrs. Trowbridge M6L66