Reading, Writing, & Spelling


This year your child will do a wide variety of reading.  There is more of a focus on reading informational text than there has been in previous grades.  The majority of the informational reading will be in Scholoastic News magazines and in monthly publications of Scholastic Story Works.  Scholastic News is a weekly "news magazine" for children and Story Works is a monthly publications that teaches Language Arts concepts through a variety of literature and genres.  Students will learn to write in response to a question and cite specific information from the text.  They will also be required to answer questions about articles read and will learn to go back to the article to find each answer.  There is an online version of the Scholastic News  and Story Works, we encourage you to check it out at home!  Along with the informational text we will also read from the McGraw/Hill Anthology.  Students will be taught comprehension strategies to help them gain a deeper understanding of what they have read.  Independent reading is another component of our program.  Students will read books at their level and take comprehension quizzes on Reading Counts.  Each marking period students will be required to collect a set number of reading counts points.  Please ask your child about their progress toward this goal.  We are in the process of creating lifelong readers!



Fourth graders will be working toward building stamina in writing this year.  Using a writer's workshop approach, students will learn that writing is a process.  We will write persuasive essays, personal narratives and literary essays.  In addition, students will engage extensively in writing constructed responses in the content areas.  Fourth graders will learn to "put the question in the answer" and to use and cite evidence from the text as we integrate our reading and writing.  Sharpen those pencils! 






We use the Sitton Spelling program in fourth grade.  The foundation of the program is that students are tested repeatedly on the same words so that children can become lifelong spellers instead of just "memorizing" for the test.  Each week students will have a Refrigerator List with five Core Words along with any words missed on the tests from the previous week.  A complete list of the Core Words is available here  for your reference.  We have also created a list of words  students often have trouble with on tests.  Each week there is a Dear Parent Letter to accompany the lessons taught in class.  This is considered homework and is due back to school no later than Wednesday each week.  If you need an extra copy of the homework please click here  and find the Dear Parent Letter that corresponds to the unit for the week.  See the fourth grade calendar for weekly spelling units.